The Postal Service: Keeping Us Safe?

Safety often comes from many sources; to the surprise of many, one source is the Postal Service. Say there was a serious public health crisis; how else could the United States potentially mail a vaccination to every address in the United States? The Postal Service could reach every address in about three days and has distribution centers across the country.

The Postal Service is also here in emergencies. Before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the Postal Service began diverting mail to Houston. It joined other agencies, including the Social Security Administration to continue to deliver necessary goods including prescriptions, checks, and other critical mail. In some cases, only the mail carrier remembered destroyed property lines.

Finally, Postal carriers act as a neighborhood watch. They drive the same streets at the same times every day. They know what cars and people belong to a neighborhood and which ones do not. Postal carriers are very often there in cases of emergency. The Postal Service has training to help carriers deal with emergencies along their route.

The Postal Service is often a forgotten, but critical, player in emergencies both large and small. What do you think? Are there other forgotten players in emergencies?