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8 Tips for Managing a Federal Blog

It’s amazing to think the Corner Alliance Government Leaders Blog has been in existence for over a year and a half now! However, after all this time, we are still learning new way to engage our audience. I recently listened to Trent Dysmid, of the Bright Ideas podcast, interview Amanda Nelson, the Director of Marketing at RingLead about tips she had for blogging. Nelson was previously involved with content marketing at In the interview, she discusses some of the best tips she has learned to manage a successful blog. Her points were in line with many of the practices used in the Government Leaders Blog but what struck a chord with me was her suggestion to invite other experts to write for your blog. Having other voices in your market write for your blog will expand your reach and improve your authority within the community. With a lot of inspiration from the interview and our own experience, here are eight tips Corner Alliance recommends to Government Leaders managing their own blogs. What tips hit home for you? Our leader Alan Pentz chose these four as his favorite tips in this short video.

Blog Tips