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An Alternative to SharePoint

In today’s digital information age, there are a number of resources available to help Federal Departments and Agencies manage their data. Content management systems such as Oracle, Drupel, and SharePoint are just a few of the tools used by federal employees to manage their organization’s information.  There are even weeklong events, like SharePointFest, where users of SharePoint discuss best practices and network with other SharePoint users. While some may embrace SharePoint, there are also those who find it unintuitive, especially if they are infrequent users. For federal leaders and their staff seeking a content management system that is both user-friendly and robust, Insite is an alternative that can meet their data management needs. Insite is an innovative data management and presentation tool that provides users with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to manage information. As soon as a user logs in they are shown a dashboard that tracks the status of information stored in the system. Users can quickly determine what actions need to be taken by their team and where it stands in their organization’s workflow process. In addition, users receive e-mail notifications when actions are required from them, making the process of collaborating on data projects simple and streamlined.

For many organizations, SharePoint can quickly become a catchall destination filled with multiple drafts of documents, making it difficult for a leader to find a final version. For those in high-pressure situations who have little time to navigate through multiple drafts of a document, SharePoint can be overwhelming and time consuming. Insite can save time and resources because it is designed to be a repository for vetted information. A leader has confidence in the system’s vetted data because of the user defined workflow and history tracker.

Insite, unlike SharePoint, integrates its data management functions with dynamic presentation capabilities. When using SharePoint, a presenter may find him or herself unable to easily access information in a high stakes presentation due to the cumbersome nature of the program. With Insite, the data that goes through the workflow process can easily be pulled up by a presenter and shared in high profile presentations, such as presenting to Congress. Using Insite’s presentation capabilities, presenters are able to create presentations on the fly and collaborate with their team in real-time all while knowing that the information they are using has been thoroughly vetted.

While SharePoint and other content management systems have their utility, if a Federal Department or Agency is seeking an intuitive and robust content management system that allows for streamlined presentation capabilities and real-time collaboration, then Insite could be a solution.


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