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The Art of Retweeting

Now that you’ve set up your Twitter account and learned some best practices, it’s time to dive a little deeper. Twitter is one of the best platforms to use if you want to communicate with your audience in real-time and participate in the conversation on trending topics. One way to do that is with the communication tactic Twitter calls, the “Retweet.” A Retweet (RT) is simply when you re-post a tweet that another account originally posted. It’s a great way to share relevant information with your followers and shows them which accounts you think are sharing valuable information. It also shows the original poster that you appreciate their content and it can aid in growing your own Twitter network.

Retweeting takes places one of two ways: you can choose to hit the “Retweet” button, which will immediately share that tweet to all of your followers, or hit “Quote Tweet” which will allow you add your own text before Retweeting. Be careful though—you only have 140 characters, including the text from the original tweet! And make sure whatever text you are adding helps foster a positive, relevant conversation.

Here’s how to optimize Retweeting for your agency:

1. Know who to RT Knowing who your influencers are is critical in social strategy, and it starts with knowing your audience. Which individuals or agencies does your audience look to for valuable information? These individuals or agencies should rank high across three attributes to be considered a true influencer: Reach, Relevance and Resonance.

Reach is audience size—you want to target people that have a large, wide scope of followers.

Relevance is the obvious one. Make sure the person/organization is relevant to a topic your audience cares about.

Resonance is a measure of how much interaction occurs with someone’s content. Think of RTs, mentions, and favorites.

Determine who the power players are and RT the information that is significant to you and your audience.

2. RT often, but not too much Don’t RT just for the sake of Retweeting. No matter if it’s a tweet you composed or one from one of your influencers, make sure your audience finds it valuable. Also, make sure that all your content isn’t purely RTs from other accounts. Find a balance between how much you’re Retweeting and how much you tweet yourself. Keep in mind who you’re Retweeting and how often.

3. Foster a dialogue Did someone RT you? That’s awesome! That means they liked your content so much that they decided to share it with their own followers, which in turn can lead to new followers for you. So how do you use this to your advantage? Start a dialogue. Tweet their handle and say thanks for sharing or ask “what part of x, y, or z resonated with you?” Using these engagements to foster a dialogue shows that you appreciate their engagement with your content and want to foster a social relationship.

Remember when starting this dialogue to put a period or other text before their handle so that the conversation is included in the newsfeed of all your followers and not just the feed of those who follow both you and this handle.

What other tips and tricks do you have for Retweeting? Share them with us!

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