Thriving is Simple: Values, Purpose, and Communication

“American workers average approximately 2,000 hours at work each year. They work hard for their employers and strive to achieve the goals that have been set for them. But to find real meaning in what they do, and to believe that it matters, they need to understand why they do it.” Read the rest here.

  These are some great words from the founder and CEO of H. Bloom, Bryan Burkhart, from his regular contribution to the You Are the Boss blog on the New York Times. It’s a blog I think most leaders would benefit from.

He manages to clearly articulate a simple and compelling way to leading an organization: know your purpose, define your values based on that purpose, and communicate it anyway you can. My only quibble would be to involve all of the organization in defining the organization’s values, rather than limiting input to the management team. That’s a small quibble though. It’s inspiring to see the CEO of a young start up designing his organization to thrive well into the future.  I’ll be following him on Twitter.