Broadband Engineering



Broadband access and mobile data have revolutionized how we live and do business both in the commercial sector and government. These technologies have and will continue to be the backbone of how government delivers services and operates in the field and will demand that government work even closer with its commercial partners to tap new capabilities and innovation. Corner Alliance helps your organization shape your broadband and emerging technology strategies. We design options, analyze impacts, and oversee wireless networks to help your organization better serve your customers and stakeholders.

Case Study

A federal agency was tasked with creating a nationwide broadband network for a dispersed set of customers. Given the enormous scope of the task and the limited resources available to implement it, the government required deep knowledge of the wireless ecosystem and a creative and dedicated team. Corner Alliance provided expert engineering advice and guidance covering network strategy, radio access network (RAN) design, device analysis and selection criteria, and the development and provisioning of applications and services.

Service Offering

  • RAN engineering

  • Wireless device engineering

  • Network strategy & design