Cloud Services




The commercial world is moving applications and IT environments to cloud platforms. Government is at the beginning stage of this massive transition that promises to reduce costs and boost innovation. Corner Alliance helps government agencies and programs build cloud native applications and strategies using Agile development methodologies. We understand the government’s unique security and operational requirements and can help you navigate them. Our suite of cloud services ensures you are equipped with cost-effective, efficient solutions to meet evolving challenges.


Case Study

A large federal research organization needed a better way to gather information and data from across the enterprise to prepare the Director for Congressional hearings and testimony, and interactions with other key stakeholders. Corner Alliance used agile development techniques to architect and build a cloud based solution on Amazon Web Services that created an information gathering, retrieval, and sharing platform expressly designed to help the Director gather and then access vital information when presenting in high-stakes environments. The organization was able to significantly reduce staff time dedicated to information gathering while increasing the confidence of the Director.


Service offerings

  • Cloud Application Development
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Architecture