Digital Communications




In an increasingly mobile and information-driven age, people expect to find content that answers their questions and meets their needs when and where they want it. Government leaders need to meet this need to remain relevant. Corner Alliance ensures your organization’s core messages are not lost in the shuffle. We develop easily digestible outreach materials and leverage targeted strategies to ensure your message makes an impact in the right places and is seen by the right audiences. Our digital communications strategies produce measurable results so you know your message is effective.


Case Study

A federal scientific agency charged with spurring innovation for their customers was struggling because program managers and leaders were not able to clearly explain the impact of their work, the problems being solved, nor its value in a time of shrinking budgets and greater expectations. Across portfolios, projects were difficult to understand, program managers were inaccessible, and communications were not customized for different audiences. 

Corner Alliance worked with leadership to launch a series of coordinated, well-thought-out communications efforts, including Twitter campaigns, podcasts, blogs, media interviews, and web updates. We worked with the client to build an efficient system for writing and updating content using plain language techniques. We helped the client also launch an aggressive stakeholder outreach plan to build relationships with new audiences and secure speaking engagements for leadership and program managers. These efforts, across public and private sector communities, increased the organization's visibility and credibility nationwide.


Service offerings

  • Communications Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Stakeholder Outreach
  • Media Relations