Program Management




Even the best run programs can be easily derailed by shrinking budgets, increased scrutiny, and inflexible internal structures. Our experienced Project Management Professionals (PMP) employ industry and Corner Alliance's proven methods to ensure that your project stays on budget and on time, and delivers the promised results. We emphasize the use of tools and dashboards to help visualize project and program progress to help stakeholders see accomplishments and understand your path forward.


Case Study

Corner Alliance specializes in developing programs from their inception and establishing the right-sized tools and mechanisms to make managing the program and its complexity successful. For one Federal client, when faced with possible program audits and an inability to convey the importance of the program, Corner Alliance developed the monitoring plans, trackers, filing systems, and meeting cadence to keep the program on track while building an online program dashboard to make understanding the status of the program and its desired outcomes simple.  The online program focused on streamlined, graphics heavy, reporting showing the influence and effect of the program for stakeholders nationwide to be shared with organizational leadership and the public. 


Service offerings

  • Project Management
  • Performance Management
  • Process Improvement