Technology Roadmapping & Strategy



Commercial research and development (R&D) has become an increasingly large share of national R&D spending. As a result, leading government R&D agencies are increasingly accessing and influencing commercial R&D efforts to meet the needs of their customers and stakeholders.  Corner Alliance helps your organization build and implement strategies to access innovators and solvers in the commercial sector to maximize the impact of limited government R&D funds.  We look at the development path of technologies and identify opportunities for government to maximize the impact of its investments.

Case Study

A federal lab was charged with building an R&D investment program with a budget of several hundred million dollars from scratch in a short time frame. Corner Alliance worked with the lab's end customers to gather requirements and build partnerships with industry to create roadmaps outlining the development path and gaps in the relevant technology areas. These roadmaps prioritized the technology gaps to ensure that R&D funds were aligned with the areas where government could have the most impact on key stakeholder needs. 

Service Offering

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