2019 Public Sector Innovation Awards Announced

Government is functioning better than ever--and that’s partly due to digital transformation and the use of creative technological solutions in the workplace. The recently announced 2019 Public Sector Innovation Awards are honoring such innovative efforts.

These annual awards acknowledge the top innovators and tech leaders in all levels of government, from local to federal. Tech programs in nearly all areas are featured--from AI-powered mission enablers, to cloud-based reinvention, to cybersecurity workforce development. These are part of the larger Government Innovation Awards, which also include “Industry Innovators” and “Rising Stars.”

Here are some of the celebrated federal agencies driving change through their programs today:

  • The National Science Foundation’s AI in Grants Management. By harnessing artificial intelligence, the NSF will streamline and improve its Grants Management capabilities to support federally invested research efforts. Some of these NSF-funded efforts are enabling new ways for AI to better society, encourage job growth, and bolster the economy in the United States.

  • The General Services Administration’s RPA Program. The GSA has been the primary driver in implementing robotic process automation (RPA) into agency functions. And, it recently set up a center so other federal agencies can do the same. RPA technology can undertake mundane, repetitive tasks, so federal workers can focus on creative and valuable work. Agencies are looking to enact almost two dozen more RPAs by the end of the year.

  • USDA Voice of the Customer Centers of Excellence Program. The US Department of Agriculture’s recent Centers of Excellence Program has been focusing on its customers: US citizens. Voice of the Customer will implement IT development efforts to improve how customers can contact the agency efficiently and receive the best possible service.

  • Department of Health and Human Services’ GrantSolutions Recipient Insight. In collaboration with Grant Solutions, HHS has launched Recipient Insight, an AI-powered initiative that collects data from multiple sources to deliver a comparative risk analysis on federal grant applicants. Recipient Insight gathers basic, payment, non-profit, and audit data from 750,000 organization, so federal agencies can know more about where their investments are going.

  • U.S. Postal Service’s Informed Delivery. Now millions of Americans can digitally preview and interact with their mail and packages on USPS’ new Informed Delivery. This online and mobile tool allows consumers to track packages, securely view incoming mail, leave delivery instructions, and more. 

Read here for a full list of Public Sector Innovation Awards recipients. The winners will be recognized at the Monday, November 4th Government Innovation Awards dinner.


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