Introducing HV-X: the Upgraded Hurricane Decision Support Tool

Hurricane Dorian has devastated the Bahamas, displacing tens of thousands of people, and, like many past storms, wreaking widespread destruction. With state of emergency declared in multiple states, it’s technology like HV-X and HURREVAC that make emergency management decisions more effective.

HV-X is the web-based and improved version of the National Hurricane Program’s HURREVAC. Like HURREVAC, HV-X is a decision-making tool for emergency managers to plan for and respond to tropical cyclones. As of 2019, 5,000 emergency managers have already implemented HV-X as part of their response strategy during the hurricane season. 

HURREVAC has been a support tool in federal emergency management decision-making for years. For ease of use, HV-X has a similar interface to its predecessor but is now digitized for the web and mobile-friendly. 

By gathering data from multiple sources  — the National Hurricane Center, the Central Pacific Hurricane Center, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, among others — HV-X becomes an all-in-one climate data platform. HV-X’s open-source geospatial data sharing capabilities allow for maximum data availability and easy data integrating options. 

Gaming capabilities like storm simulations also enable HV-X users to plan out possible evacuation and response scenarios. HV-X has also introduced better transportation analysis and all-new visualization tools.

One such use of HV-X’s visualization features is its storm surge explorer. HV-X can predict and analyze storm impacts like storm surge, wind, and flooding with a 2 to 5 days forecast.

HV-X prepares emergency management personnel to make informed decisions within a certain time limit. Technology like HC-X has a profound impact on emergency managers, first responders, and the many whose lives are impacted by such climate disasters. 

According to 2018 users, HC-X’s beta test period, the system allows the federal government to respond to emergencies faster than ever. Emergency managers now have digital access to more accurate and maximized data — all in one platform. 

The HC-X upgrade was accomplished through the collaboration of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the National Hurricane Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory (MIT-LL), and other state and local emergency managers. The legacy version of HURREVAC is still available online, but HC-X will be fully replacing it. 

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